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Welcome to my Work History archive where you will find detailed examples of the cleaning and renovation of Sandstone flooring carried out in Derbyshire

Cleaning and Renovating Sandstone Floors

Sandstone is often used for Kitchen and Hallway flooring, however as with any natural stone it needs to be sealed to protect it and bring out its beauty and colouring. One of the biggest problems we find with stone flooring is with the sealer becoming stripped away prematurely by the continuous use of cleaning agents not designed for this type of surface. Without its protective sealer porous stone quickly becomes ingrained with dirt making it increasingly difficult to clean effectively.

Our method for renovating Sandstone typically involves stripping the floor of any existing sealer/coatings, deep cleaning to extract the dirt and then applying a fresh sealer for which I recommend Tile Doctor Colour Grow as it enhances the natural colours in the stone. If the floor is particularly bad, it’s best to resurface it with coarse milling pads which can remove a thin layer from the surface of the stone.

Below you will find detailed examples of work we have carried out in the past, it should give you some idea of what’s involved and what can be achieved with the right techniques and products.

Sandstone Hearth and Mantle After Cleaning Sealing Chatsworth

Stained Sandstone Fireplace Renovated in Chatsworth

Earlier this year I paid a visit to the beautiful village of Chatsworth to visit a client who had asked me to look at the Sandstone Hearth and Mantle that enclosed their fireplace. The hearth was grubby with dirt and soot from the log burner and the large stone mantle was soot stained and marked with candle wax.

Sandstone Hearth and Mantle Before Cleaning Chatsworth

We discussed the problem areas and I went through the cleaning options. I was confident of removing the staining and worked out a quote to carry out a deep clean of the stone. The client agreed the price and the works were scheduled.

Sandstone Hearth and Mantle Before Cleaning Chatsworth

Deep Cleaning a Sandstone Fireplace Hearth and Mantle

On arrival I prepared the area surrounding the fireplace by laying dust sheets and taping around the hearth. The protection would prevent any damage to the adjacent timber floor and ensure they wouldn’t get splashed during the cleaning process.

To deep clean the Sandstone several coats of Tile Doctor Oxy-Gel were applied with a large brush and left it to soak in. Being a gel, this cleaning product is very easy to manage and ideal for working in small areas, it also sticks well to vertical surfaces such as the mantle.

After about fifteen to twenty minutes the gel was then agitated and scrubbed into the stone with a stiff brush to release the staining. I also spent quite some time scraping away the candle wax that had dripped onto the hearth and mantel top.

The stone was then wiped to clean away the slurry and the process repeated until I was satisfied that the stone had come up as best it could. I then sprayed it with water to remove any remaining Oxy-Gel.

The Sandstone hearth and mantle were then inspected and stubborn stains were treated to a further clean using different grits from a set of hand-held diamond blocks.

Sealing a Sandstone Fireplace Hearth and Mantle

The fireplace was then left to dry which didn’t take long due to the use of low moisture cleaning products and small amounts of water. Once dry I applied two coats of Tile Doctor Colour Grow sealer which is an impregnating sealer that adds protection and improves the colour of natural stone.

Sandstone Hearth and Mantle After Cleaning Chatsworth

The client was delighted with the finish.


Professional Clean of a Sandstone Fireplace in Derbyshire

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Yorkstone Floor Before and After Cleaning and Sealing in Deepcar Sheffield

Yorkstone Tiles Rejuvenated in Deepcar near Sheffield

This customer living at a property in Deepcar near Sheffield, experienced problems keeping their twenty year old Yorkstone floor clean and I was asked to take a look and see what could be done to resolve the situation.

After inspection I could see that the sealer had worn off and now dirt had become lodged in the pores of the stone, leaving the floor looked grey and dull to the extent even the customer couldn’t remember that their stone floor had some colour once! Due to all the problems the customer had with experienced with the floor, they had reached the point where they were thinking of ripping the floor up entirely.

Yorkstone floor before cleaning and sealing in Deepcar Sheffield
Luckily they had found Tile Doctor and I was more than happy to see what I could do to resolve the problem. Yorkstone is similar to Sandstone which I was very familiar with, so I assured them the floor could be rejuvenated and conducted a test clean on a patch of the floor. Seeing the result, the customer was happy to go ahead with the work.

Yorkstone floor before cleaning and sealing in Deepcar Sheffield

Cleaning a Dull and Dirty Yorkstone Tiled Floor

To clean the floor and strip away old sealers, I used a strong dilution of our alkaline cleaner known as Tile Doctor Pro Clean, working it into the stone with a black scrubbing pad fitted to my rotary machine. I followed by removing the dirty and chemical-infused water from the floor with a wet vax machine.

Although this combination worked really well, I still found some light traffic areas where some of the old sealer remained. In order to restore a floor properly you have to strip the floor right back and remove all the old treatments from the floor otherwise the final result can look patchy and you may find the new sealer isn’t compatible with the existing.

To these problem areas I applied Tile Doctor’s Remove & Go, which is a dedicated
stripper and coatings remover, applied with a long dwell-time it can remove sealers, draw out ingrained stains and eliminate heavy grease build-up. I left the Remove & Go to soak into the stone for about ten to fifteen minutes before scrubbing it in with the black scrubbing pad, following again by removing the resulting slurry from the floor with a wet wax machine and rinsing the area with water. After the floor was successfully cleaned I carefully rinsed it again to get any trace of cleaning product off the floor and then dried it as much as possible with the wet vacuum.

Sealing a Yorkstone Tiled Floor

I returned to the property the next day, starting by making sure that the floor was completely dry for sealing. Unfortunately, there were some areas that were still very damp. I worked on these damp areas with my heat gun, but couldn’t get them dry enough, so after consulting with the customer, I decided to leave it to dry for another day with heating on maximum and doors/windows opened.

Upon my return these problem areas were less severe, and I managed to get them dry by applying my heat gun for an hour. When the floor was ready to be sealed I applied six coats of Tile Doctor Seal & Go Sealer, which is a water based sealer (no smell) that provides durable protection and a high quality satin finish.

Yorkstone floor after cleaning and sealing in Deepcar Sheffield
The customer was really happy with the work carried out and left the following feedback:

“Tony has done a fantastic job on our kitchen floor, which I was considering ripping up due to the state of it – but now it looks like new! Tony was punctual and very hard working – excellent customer service. Have already recommended him to a colleague.”

Yorkstone floor after cleaning and sealing in Deepcar Sheffield

Professional Stone Tiled Floor Restoration in Deepcar

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