Bakewell Tile Cleaning

Bakewell Tile Cleaning

Welcome to my Work History archive where you will find examples of the cleaning and renovation of tiles carried out in Bakewell.

Sandstone Hearth and Mantle After Cleaning Sealing Chatsworth

Stained Sandstone Fireplace Renovated in Chatsworth

Earlier this year I paid a visit to the beautiful village of Chatsworth to visit a client who had asked me to look at the Sandstone Hearth and Mantle that enclosed their fireplace. The hearth was grubby with dirt and soot from the log burner and the large stone mantle was soot stained and marked with candle wax.

Sandstone Hearth and Mantle Before Cleaning Chatsworth

We discussed the problem areas and I went through the cleaning options. I was confident of removing the staining and worked out a quote to carry out a deep clean of the stone. The client agreed the price and the works were scheduled.

Sandstone Hearth and Mantle Before Cleaning Chatsworth

Deep Cleaning a Sandstone Fireplace Hearth and Mantle

On arrival I prepared the area surrounding the fireplace by laying dust sheets and taping around the hearth. The protection would prevent any damage to the adjacent timber floor and ensure they wouldn’t get splashed during the cleaning process.

To deep clean the Sandstone several coats of Tile Doctor Oxy-Gel were applied with a large brush and left it to soak in. Being a gel, this cleaning product is very easy to manage and ideal for working in small areas, it also sticks well to vertical surfaces such as the mantle.

After about fifteen to twenty minutes the gel was then agitated and scrubbed into the stone with a stiff brush to release the staining. I also spent quite some time scraping away the candle wax that had dripped onto the hearth and mantel top.

The stone was then wiped to clean away the slurry and the process repeated until I was satisfied that the stone had come up as best it could. I then sprayed it with water to remove any remaining Oxy-Gel.

The Sandstone hearth and mantle were then inspected and stubborn stains were treated to a further clean using different grits from a set of hand-held diamond blocks.

Sealing a Sandstone Fireplace Hearth and Mantle

The fireplace was then left to dry which didn’t take long due to the use of low moisture cleaning products and small amounts of water. Once dry I applied two coats of Tile Doctor Colour Grow sealer which is an impregnating sealer that adds protection and improves the colour of natural stone.

Sandstone Hearth and Mantle After Cleaning Chatsworth

The client was delighted with the finish.


Professional Clean of a Sandstone Fireplace in Derbyshire

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Terracotta Tiled Conservatory Before and After Cleaning Hope Valley

Removing Wax and Restoring Colour to a Terracotta Tiled Conservatory Floor

Terracotta Tiles have been around in certain parts of the world for over two millennia; in fact, the word Terracotta means burned earth. The ancient Romans used a variety of Terracotta tiles in their villas and palaces for many centuries.

Terracotta tiles are thicker than most modern tiles, giving them strength and durability. The one big downside to Terracotta, however, is that it has no glaze on the surface and can pick up and store muck and dirt very quickly. If you have ever owned a Terracotta floor before you will be able to relate to this problem.

Such was the dilemma facing our client in rural Hope Valley in the Peak District National Park of Derbyshire. Her Conservatory had been laid with Terracotta tiles around 25 years ago and over the years had been continuously covered with wax. Now, no matter how many times she mopped the floor it never looked clean because all the dirt over many years had been drawn in and sealed into the wax. She called in Tile Doctor to deep clean the floor and treat it with a gloss finish.

Terracotta Tiled Conservatory Before Cleaning Hope Valley

Cleaning a Terracotta conservatory floor

I started by removing the layers of wax with Tile Doctor Nano-Tech HBU (a heavy build-up remover that is designed to work where other cleaners won’t) and Tile Doctor Remove and Go, specially formulated to draw out ingrained stains and remove heavy grease build-up. I combined both products into a powerful cleaning cocktail and left them to soak into the floor for about twenty minutes. The solution was then scrubbed into the tile and grout using a black scrubbing pad fitted to a rotary machine. The resultant soil was rinsed off with water and then extracted from the floor using a wet vacuum.

After cleaning I inspected the floor and could see there was still some wax left in the grout between the Terracotta tiles, so I went over the floor with a hand-held steamer and scrub brush, it took some time, but the process was perfect to remove the last traces of wax. Finally, I washed the floor with clean water twice and left it to thoroughly dry overnight.

Terracotta Tiled Conservatory During Cleaning Hope Valley

Colour Restoring and Sealing a Terracotta tiled floor

The following day I went back to seal the floor but found there were still a few areas with higher levels of damp than I would have liked. My solution was to seal the tiles with Tile Doctor Colour Grow. This is a superb colour intensifying matt sealer that provides durable protection and enhance colour but importantly, it’s fully breathable therefore allowing any damp in the tiles to evaporate. I then left the floor to completely dry out, which took five days.

On my return I finished the sealing of the floor with four coats of Tile Doctor Seal and Go. This is a specially formulated water-based blend of acrylic polymers that provides a stain-resistant surface seal and a durable low-sheen finish that works really well on Terracotta.

Terracotta Tiled Conservatory During Sealing Hope Valley
The conservatory looked beautiful with its clean Terracotta tiles. The unsightly and grimy orange-brown floor had been restored to its original Terracotta colour with a very attractive sheen. And, of course, the floor was now correctly sealed to prevent the problem happening again and to make mopping easy. I left the house with good feeling!

Terracotta Tiled Conservatory After Cleaning Hope Valley
The customer was delighted and left this positive feedback:

“Henry did a brilliant job, friendly professional polite and efficient. He kept us fully informed of the procedures he was using. We would not hesitate to use him again or to recommend him to others.”

Terracotta Tiled Conservatory After Cleaning Hope Valley

Professional cleaning of a Terracotta tile conservatory floor in the Peak District National Park

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